Irrigation via RainBird ESP-RZXe and WIFI-LNK


Anyone experience with controlling a RainBird ESP-RZXe via OpenHab ?

Thx !

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There is something here:

As it is python it should be easy to integrate into JSR223 Jython NGRE

I will start this soon and give feedback.

feedback would be great, because i am also intressted to implement the rainbird wifi to my openhab system.

But i have to less knowlegde to figure this out with python.

I tried to make a module out of it and using it directly in a rule, unfortunately I failed getting it running under jython. It uses encryption modules which are different in python and jython. I had to give up for the moment. My python knowledge is limited for that.

What about this alternative ?

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Hi! I’m loking for a binding too. As I see there is integration with Home Assistant (Rain Bird - Home Assistant) but I see no solution for Openhab. Did you find any solution for this?

Hi, I am also be very interested by having my Rainbird intagrated in Openhab.
Did someone find or develop any “openhab ready to go” solution since last reply ?
This would be great !

Hi, I have just purchased a Rainbird WIFI LNK dongle for my ESP-RZXe. I am also interested for a Rainbird ESP-RZXe binding.
The Pyrainbird and ioBroker.rainbird solutions are based on direct connection to WIFI LNK dongle. No solution based on Rainbird cloud ?

Was anybody able to figure out a reliable way to control Rainbird WIFI LNK dongle?

hi Adrian,

not the most elegant way and limited to IOS…
I additionally installed Homebridge with:

  • a Homebridge plugin for OpenHab (everything I had on openhab remains and can be operated via Homebridge and via OpenHab)
  • a working RainBird plugin to operate RainBird

Hi Ivan,

Thank you for the prompt reply! Funny you mentioned that, I was just looking at Homebridge/ Rainbird on GitHub a moment ago.

I was just hoping for a more direct way to connect OH to Rainbird WiFi dongle. Much appreciated!