Irrigation via zwave

Hi, My house runs on a Raspberry with OH and many fibaro devices.
I have to add the irrigation system, wich runs on 12 24V AC solenoids valves.
Can you tell me wich zwave device would be ok for this use?
Fibaro smart implant cam be used? or is it only suitable for DC projects? becouse with 2 controllable loads would be the best-for-the-buck.
Also I’ve read of people using fibaro rgbw in switch mode, still I’m not sure it will handle 24v AC.

thank you for your patience but I’m really new to electronics.

I would recommend a sonoff 4ch with tasmota and a transformer. Much cheaper and I have running four of them for my garden irrigation without any issues. Of course that makes only sense if you have WiFi reception in your garden. It also comes in handy that you can mount them on a rail. Combined with a IP44 case, you have everything you need.

sonoff 4ch still needs some soldering to be updated do tasmota?

yes, i believe so.
You can find all relevant information here:

Of course instead of the sonoff, you can use any Z-Wave relay (i’ve used the qubino flush 1D) that switches AC to the primary coil of the transformer to which the valve is connected.
Works as well, but you pay quite some money for Z-Wave based relays and for that money (probably 60USD per device) you easily can gat a soldering iron and sonoff devices.

And you are more flexible.
In order to ensure that my garden is not flooded, i can set the maximum open time in tasmota.
So if for some reason openHAB hangs and forgets to close the valve, tasmota will automatically close it.
Maybe you can set this in the Z-Wave device as well, but not in terms of a property that can be set via UI - so it always needs manual interaction if you need to change it.
With tasmota it’s only a MQTT telegram.