Is a raspberry Pi needed for a basic openHAB environment

I have recently started playing around with openHAB, I just want to create a simple environment where you can add and remove devices, see data that is being passed through the platform, live weather data, (this can be from when I boot up the runtime) is a raspberry Pi necessary for what I am doing?

What are you running openhab on currently?
If your existing openhab is adequate then you don’t need anything else.

I’ve just downloaded all of the packages advised on the download section on the openHAB website for Windows. The platform only needs to be used for a demonstration to show it can connect multiple different devices and you can add and remove them when needed.

Thanks James

You will only need a Raspberry Pi if you plan to use Raspberry specific features, like controlling something via the Raspberries GPIO pins. Unless you have a need for this you can continue to run OpenHAB on your Windows platform.

Most users who use a Raspberry Pi as a small Linux server for OpenHAB do this because it’s low energy consumption.