Is a working, reliable ZWave network possible?

Thanks very much for the answer. So do You have any advice how to troubleshoot radio transmission problems? One thing that come to my mind is to enable zwave debug and dance in front of my pir sensor, it should send reports every 8 second during motion detection.

That won’t debug RF transmission problems. That will show you what the controller is receiving, which for sure is useful, and if there is a problem with the binding processing the data, then this is what is needed. But if there is really a transmission problem, then this won’t help since the controller won’t receive it.

If there is an RF issue due to noise, antenna alignment, interference etc, then it’s not so simple to diagnose. There are some new features in new ZWave devices to help with this, but it’s not something I’ve implemented and not all devices support it.

I just found a really nice article about z-wave network reliability:

first what I realised was that I was polling all my Always-on devices every 60 minutes. So this could be the cause of some communication problems. But I have some questions regarding this article:

  1. The healing. The article mentions that the healing should be done only when adding/removing nodes. I see that i can disable network healing in the habmin, but I can’t find a way to manually heal the network. Is the “Synchronise network” in the controller Tools tab a way to start healing manually ?
  2. Dead nodes. I have two nodes that are dead and I can’t remove them from the controller. When I use “Remove device from controller” I get error “Remove node 4 failed - node was not found”. How I can remove this node ?

You need to use a stick vendor utility.
If you got an Aeotech Gen5 stick you can follow what I did here.

thanks, I managed to remove the dead node with open zwave control panel