Is anybody working on migrating MAX!CUL for OH2?

Hi there,
when I got it right, some of the addons from OH1.8 still work on OH2.
Unfortunately I could not find CUL IO transport nor MAX!CUL in the compatibility list.

I would like to contribute to this toppic, but of course I do not want to do work some else already did.

My questions:

  • Is it really not yet working?
  • Is there a maintainer or some one else working on this toppic?


Theoretically all OH 1 bindings will work with OH 2. If a binding is not in the compatibility list yet it only means no one has tested toi verify that it works and reported that it does work to the developers.

I don’t know but if you try it out and confirm that it works just let the developers know it works and there will be no changes necessary.

Thanks for your feel reply. I will give it a try.


Did you have any success? I’d be interested to know how it went, as I may do this upgrade myself.

@PaulL1, @habnefrage: did you have successfully tested maxcul under oh2?


I haven’t tried. I started installing OH2 but it was a bit too hard for now.