Is google asistant integration no longer maintained?

Look back and you’ll see that this is not what happened.

  1. First of all it was a question whether the GA integration was still maintained. It was not stated as fact. If people can’t ask questions anymore because it might offend someone then the Foundation might just as well close this forum.
  2. The github issue clearly states what parts of the code can be improved. Gytis also proposes to perform the cleanup. It may not be great to hear that what you spend so much time on is ‘a mess’, but it can also be refreshing to hear someone else’s point of view. How you take this remark depends on how big your ego is I guess.
  3. The proposed solution came after the op was completely ignored by the maintainer. His first proposal was to work with the maintainers and improve the code and extend the features of the current GA integration. So this has nothing to do with a hostile take over. Why would he be flogging a dead horse written in a language he’d rather not use and that uses tags instead of metadata which he thinks are better suited for the job and the Alexa integration is also using? (Rhetoric question, no need to answer)

I’m not here to argue and I think this is the last thing I’ve written in this thread. To me it just seems to be one big misunderstanding/communication on top of another and in the end, we all lose.


Just very short. I’ve been using OH more than 2 years now, started with 2.2. Now I’m on 2.5M3. One of the biggest advantage is openhab cloud service and Google Home integration. I use it almost from the very biginning seamlessly. When google started to roll out new functionalities OH was almost the first one to roll out it together with google thanks to Marizma! Than google announced new api for local control. Marizma promised that he will make the integration. But as OH is under a complete transformation it takes longer. So everybody is patient. Pls do not judge the whole community after one or two person’s comments. Especially if he does not have deep knowledge on OH internal structure. This is one of the advantage of OH comparing to HA. Its structure is mutch better thought over and there is a strategy behind because of future functionalities. Without understanding it there is no room for criticizm.


I did. Hence my conclusion.
I have seen too many people chiming in to different threads and then all of a sudden are leaving when it comes to contributions.

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Hi @All,

I think that the overall intention was maybe not bad. I dont like discussions about broken egos and hearts. We are professional adults in the end. The main version of GA Integration relied in basics on the Alexa integration with some modifications. The idea was to keep those codebases in a familiar state, so Alexa devs can help at GA and vice versa. The difference happened when there was a strong need to move to Alexa Api v3, where there been a volunteer and did most of the work there. After that the integrations differed by nature. Just for the record thats not years ago and happened some months ago. So at Alexa there came a volunteer by its own, without a message in the forum…just think about it.

I would have tackled this discussion differently if my intention is to help instead of negative critics. I joined back than OH cloud and asked where I can help. There is no need for big posts by maintainers, if you want to help you know the deal. We are here in an opensource project with NO ownership…maybe you guys forget this, while quickly writing.
When I joined I saw many things I misliked or thought that it is ugly or shall be done differently. But than I thought wait, you havent been there or dont know why this architecture was choosen etc. So it is better to ask and learn. Always remaining respectful to the initial contributors was my way to follow. Stilltoday, all maintainers abd developers have my biggest respect. So calling other code mess, shitty etc. is just missing valuation of others work.

And here comes the point:
It is all about respect! If you read the thread title, the statement „no longer…mess …“ etc. I think that the code others offering as solution can be also marked as a mess with TS. I have no bad feelings cause code can always be improved and the nature of developers is to call others stuff bad, without knowing why and how.
This is the wrong approach!

Every repo here at OH is open for improvement, changes and refactorings. BUT: Guys dont come with repos running on localhost, not meant to be able to serve 60.000 users and call it the silver bullet.

I dont think there was any motivation to help to get this integration forward. It was just frustration that there is not enough activity on the repo and missing traits. What @gytisgreitai shows as good intent was not like described by him. He popped out from nowhere, was never asking to help and now says sorry. Really strange. Still you re invited to join forces and get involved. I really dont bind myself to the code, as if you say its a big mess…you say it to the OH community not to me. I am not the father of the code…just initial contributor and trying to maintain it.

I say it to all: Please stop crying for features, better help and show your availability. This integration is no kindergarten, 60K users using it and maybe you understand that it is not so easy to release every month. If it is broken, you will see what happens.

I am still here, will be supporting it. I need to just rethink my involvement and time possibilities better. I dont want to make you guys unhappy…and this seems to happened.

I will discuss with Kai how to proceed with this. Ideas are welcome.

BR Mehmet


Thats funny. He opened that issue and closed it after some days (5)! How you guys say, that there was no reaction or feedback. If he didnt give folks time to react. And those things he referring to, are all no real restructuring or refactorings. I didnt read any real bigger proposal to refactor things beside moving stuff into a new module or using type script.
So I would relax a bit more, before speaking big words.
Again, he didnt create any PR, which I would def. review and merge if it would be good for the integration.

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You are great, man :+1:


right on sihui!


I wasn’t going to respond anymore in this thread but since you have taken the time to write to me, I didn’t want you to get the impression that I’m ignoring you.

I sincerly hope that your baby is doing well and that you can bring your startup to full fruition. Take care.


After 15 days of reflection, maintained or not maintained lol ? I think it’s a importante information ?

I’ve been using my own solution for a week seems to be working fine for the traits I use.

And there is a docker image with nginx and automatic ssl via Let’s Encrypt. So if you have an public ip, should be pretty simple to create a Test Action in Google Cloud and run the image full walk through here


Gytis, thank you for your contribution!

Just one thing , it misses the thermostat function :slight_smile:

I don’t use thermostat myself, and since probably its a bit complex entity haven’t yet implemented it. So if anyone needs it and plans to use it, open issue on github with your openhab thermostat config (and perhaps other thermostat sample) and I’ll see how I can implement it.

Google Assistant is still maintained.
We just deployed some fixes and adding step by step improvements and features.

Whatever other people do, belongs in other threads.

@rlkoshak can you close this here.



With @gytisgreitai’s permission.


I will not be commenting here anymore. Discussions did not push OH any further.
Feel free to check with him and rest of commentators.
We will communicate changes only in github or maybe in old GA thread.




seeing if I can slip one more in here before thread lock
Gytis: please create a new thread to announce your new binding
Mehmet: I’ve seen your recent activity on this binding’s git and thank you


Done Alternative self-hosted Google Home integration

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