Is HABmin deprecated in Openhabian2.5.2?

I’ve installed HABmin, because it seemed to have the easiest rule-maker UI:

  • had a yellow expl.mark on top
  • error: %%NO_KEY_FOUND%% appeared whatever I tried to click
  • it crashed my Artnet DMX bus !!! (Could not use any of my dimmers any more)

… digged into the error message and realized:
HABmin is not developed any more, and it isn’t fully compatible with OH2.x
The auto-installed version from PaperUI was 2.0.0 only

  • Why is NOT marked this addon as “DEPRECATED” or “not stable” something? … at least on the info page!
  • Why do we (beginners) have to waste dozens of hours to realize that?

That’s not right. There’s parts of habmin that don’t work with OH 2.X (for a long time btw) while others (notably ZWave interface) are up to date and even recommended for use.

I guess because you did not read the documentation ?


But But But That sounds like work!! :grin:
It can’t be my fault!

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the rule maker in HABmin is depreciated or as Markus stated broken basically

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I have spent so far 200+ working hours to read the docs, installing, etc. (12-16 hours every each day during last weeks.)

I also have 30 years of iT + programming experience (2 years of that specialized directly for home-automatisation, like writing a complete hotel-automatisation system 10 years ago.)

If that’s not enough, than yes, it’s my fault, but you could maybe start to think about:

  • what if I’m saying this because I would like to HELP to save time to other people?

Instead if arguing and criticism, how about you guys would enhance the docs a little?


FYI, basically all the current UIs will be removed form OH 3, I believe. Most of them have already been removed from its codebase.

Good to hear!
But until than, it would be really nice, if someone (with access to those pages) could edit a few lines…

That would be you.:wink: Look at the bottom of the page.


No. Definitely not me.
I do not know enough about this module.
… As mstormi already wrote above …

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Most of us users are in the dark. Sorry.

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should be, no docs, no release…

That’s very dry humour :wink: