Is Habmin still operational?

I was used to use Habmin with OH1, especially for the chart reporting.
Using OH2 Habmin, I see that most of the topics are Read only or doesn’t allow configuration capabilities.
Is there a specific configuration required or is this application obsolete?

I use it all the time to manage my zwave devices. I’ve not used the other functionality, so I can’t really comment on an other parts of the app.

For charting, I use HABpanel, as it is more feature-rich than the charting in sitemaps.

HABmin continues to be a useful tool in OH2 (see zwave configuring) but many of its intended functions were never fully developed.
Nor is that likely to change any more in the life of OH2 - they are looking at new UIs for OH3 (to replace PaperUI as well).

Meantime, there is no OH3 yet so do please carry on with HABmin. In practice you may well use HABmin for some things and PaperUI for others.