Is "Hall" a special word, question about Item name, no errors in log

Here is my item definition in its simplest for. Here is no link to a thing or channel. When i use the word “Hall” in the item name it gets highlighted in VScode like there is some type of problem. If I change the word “Hall” to “Holl” the highlight goes away.

String	HallHold

I had a few issues with this item not working originally until I renamed it to something random. The item is currently functioning now. By functioning I mean I am receiving the mqtt message I expect on the items linked channel.

I am not having any problems I am just confused by the behavior, of the highlight as well as the initial lack of function that a simple rename fixed. Curious if someone had an answer. Unfortunately I have not errors in logs to post, if noone has an answer I will simply rename my item and move on!

The most likely cause is that you already have an Item by that name; perhaps defined in PaperUI and so not visible in any xxx.items file.

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I forgot to mention. “Hall” is highlighted no matter what I change the second half to.


Only thing that gets rid of the highligh in vs code is to change the word Hall.

I plan to just move on all is working now except the highlight is there. I will just simply not use the word Hall in my item name. Too simple a fix to worry about, I had to ask though.

If had you hovered over it, it might say what it is whinging about.

Maybe you have other extensions in your VSCode

If you’ve create an item in the past with the word Hall it may still be lingering around. I’m sure you’ve probably tried cleaning the cache so check in /var/lib/openhab2/jsondb/org.eclipse.smarthome.core.items.Item.json and see if you have anything Hall related.

Also check for any mystery link in /var/lib/openhab2/jsondb/

FYI, make sure to stop OH before making a change to any of these files.

Closing issue it is resolved now after a few more reboots while making other openhab improvements. Must have been something clogged up in a jsondb somewhere.