Is Hue Emulation Dead?

Is Hue Emulation dead, or is it only the version I have installed?

I’ve been running an OH version of 2.4 for quite some time with the 2.3 version of the Hue Emulation service with never an issue. A little over 2 weeks ago it seems that Amazon made a change to the way their devices talk back to the mother-ship which has rendered all of my HUE EMULATED devices dead to Alexa. In looking in the Alexa app, it shows all of the devices with the message “Server is unresponsive”

I have tried to remove and then re-add devices with no success. Others here on the forums have mentioned similar issues as well. I have posted an issue on GitHub which unfortunately has not had any comments in over 2 weeks.

So the question that I want to ask, is only the older version of the Hue Emulation broken, or should I update to the newer reworked version another developer worked on? Is that one working? Most all of my emulated devices are very simple on/off commands.

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Do you have an extra sd card?

I would suggest 2.5 m1. I believ that one may work. The 2.4 version had issues I believ. I am in 2.5m1 and mine is currently working.

I’m all hard drive based.