Is it normal for the MQTT binding to continously report "Starting broker connection xyz"?

I’ve been fighting with my MQTT binding for the past couple days, and finally have it at least functional. I’m using a self-hosted FIND3 instance as a broker, and I’m receiving MQTT messages whenever I change location. It’s working like it should.

My question comes from the logs, which I’ve currently got set to DEBUG for org.openhab.mqtt: every 60 seconds, I get the following entry:

Starting MQTT broker connection find3

Since this is a TCP connection, I’d expect it to be persistent, and not need to re-establish every minute. Am I doing something wrong?

I’ve only got a single subscription defined in /etc/openhab2/services/mqtt.cfg, and (after fighting with it a bit), karaf is reporting only the same subscription; no multiples there.

Can you post your mqtt.cfg, please?

The relevant parts read like this:


I’ve accepted the defaults on everything else, so it’ll be executing with the parameters


What is the kkk in find3.url=tcp://#find3-ip:find3-port#kkk

My setup is mybroker.url= (There are no extra at the end)

comment out the lwt and qos line if you are going with the defaults

Make sure that your clientId is not used by any other client

Ha! The kkk was a typo. I’m a Vim user, and use ‘k’ to cursor upward, and often end up typing several k’s into windows by accident/reflex. I’ll edit my response above for accuracy.

The lwt and qos were already commented out.

And finally, I’m the only subscriber to this broker, so there’s no danger of another clientId.

Ok remove the debug level on your MQTT binding
If you don’t get any messages you are all good.
The binding probes for the broker every minute, it may just be that

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Yeah, this occurs exactly once every sixty seconds (to the second), so if it’s just a probe, then everything should be alright. Thanks!

Remove the debug level, and you shouldn’t get any news from your binding except from start up