Is it normal for ZWave device identification to take hours?

Using openHAB 2.5.7 with Aeotec ZW090-A, trying to include a GE 14298 switch.

I don’t do this often enough to remember, but I recall it taking hours for for the binding to determine the device. So far it’s been a couple hours. I’ve tried cycling the switch on the device and restarting openHAB. From Paper UI, here’s what I see if I start to add the unknown device:

I don’t want to add the device while it’s unknown. If I recall correctly, I’ve had issues in the past if I tried that.

That device is fully identified. An unidentified device would only have the numeric identifiers of the manufacturer and model: something like Z-Wave Node 033 (027A:A000:A002:3.0). The fact that you see the text description of GE and the device model means the binding has been able to find the device in the database. You’re good to go.

As said by @JustinG your device is fully identified based on what the screenshot shows…
To shorten the time for a full identification after the initial discovery you have may have to wake up the device multiple times so the binding can collect all information required. Especially battery-based devices go into energy saving modes to extend battery lifetime. Typical example: Thermostat devices.

So, is this just a bug in Paper UI? Showing it as unknown is confusing. Also …

Last night when I got impatient, I ran a scan again and the device went to fully unknown. I let it sit overnight figuring it would eventually become known and 8 hours later it was still fully unknown. When I restarted OH, it was then fully known (no fields indicating unknown)

Yes, I think that PaperUI is still using the old type even though the binding changed the thing type. In the early days of OH2, the thing type was specified in the thing UID, but this was changed a few years ago and I suspect the UI never caught up.

Again, this could be a UI issue if the device was known - it’s hard to say without knowing more information.

Thank you, Chris. Hopefully this won’t be a recurring issue with OH3 with all the UI updates :crossed_fingers: