Is it possible in OH 3.3 to have multiple dashboards?

So, my idea is basically to have a tablet for each floor on the wall, being that tablet presented with a specific “homepage” for that floor. Is that a possibility?

Also, making this even more “no user interaction” when the tablet restarts, is it possible to automatically open the APP in that dashboard for that floor?

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

You could create a page per floor and link to the specific page I guess

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Thank you for your input, that’s indeed a good idea.

And then I would only need to setup the tablet on each floor to, whenever it loads, automatically open the browser with that page.

I would even save it in the homescreen and then download some APP to automatically load that whenever the tablet restarts.

After this great idea, I tried then to use the browser option to “Add to homescreen” but it was always adding the “main domain” (in the example above “” instead of the full URL).

So what I had to do was, switching the phone/tablet to airplane mode after being inside the page I want to “Add to homescreen” and only then, set that option.

By doing this, the full URL get’s added instead of only the “domain”. :slight_smile: