Is it possible to access an item's channel in a rule

Just going down a curiosity rabbit hole here. Can you access an item’s channel as a string from within a rule? I want to do something like this (which doesn’t work);

logInfo('testing', My_Fancy_ZWave_Dimmer.state.toString)

if My_Fancy_ZWave_Dimmer is a item.

Sorry, I meant to give the item definition. Yes, it is meant to be an item like so;

Dimmer My_Fancy_ZWave_Dimmer "ZWave Dimmer [%d %%]" <light> {channel="zwave:device_46feb3ec:node32:switch_dimmer"}

What I want to get from the rule is not the state of the item, but the channel string defined in the item definition. i.e. "zwave:device_46feb3ec:node32:switch_dimmer"

I have never seen a example to get this info in a rule.


What are you trying to do/achieve?

I’m not trying to achieve anything. I was wondering if there was a way to display the channel in a sitemap so that when I was tinkering with the REST interface I could find it easily. Not really essential but I thought it could be useful in a very edge-case kind of way.