Is it possible to add new properties to the Semantic Model?

I really like the possibility to connect measurements to certain properties, but actually, I am at a point where the existing properties of the semantic model are not enough.
So my question is, is there a possibility to add my own created properties to the model like “dew point” or “absolute humidity” or something else?.

Would be great if somebody can tell me if it is possible and if yes, how to do it.

Thank you all in advance!

No, it is not possible to expand the semantic model.
I would also like to mention that „absolute humidity“ is just a humidity property, so already existing.
Please check the brick scheme for included semantics…

Recent versions of brick schema started to add many more properties and classes (ie. Meter, Inverter, etc) which are still missing in OH side. It also allows to define new types based on predefined meta classes, so its a bit ahead compared to what openHAB permits.

@Zampe Have a look on Discussion on ontology improvement · Issue #1791 · openhab/openhab-core · GitHub