Is it possible to add server MAC addr to homekit.cfg to avoid reconfiguring Rooms and Devices?

I install homekit by PaperUI and setup all devices.
After manual adding HomeKit to addons.cfg (i like to do all manual :slight_smile: ) HomeKit plugin was reinstalled and all my settings in HomeKit are lost.
In logs i see that MAC generated automatically.

Is it possible to add server MAC addr to HomeKit.cfg to avoid reconfiguring Room and Devices after reinstalling?

it is not only mac but also private keys.
both, mac and private keys are stored in
if copy this file to the new installation then already paired homekit device should accept openhab without re-pairing

I only have this settings:

Im on Xubuntu x86

that means that your openhab is not paired with any iOS device/home app yet. once you add openHAB in home app on your iphone/ipad you should see additional information in homekit.json

openHAB already paired, 40 devices in bridge, i can switch all devices.

this is strange and not good. it can happen that you will lose your paring at openhab restart.
homekit.json must have much more information. e.g. the keys for devices, mac address.

not sure why you dont have this information stored in homekit.json