Is it possible to change the way JDBC store the data in the table?

Can anyone advise how to make those changes to JDBC persistance DB if possible.

remove the suffix on the Item table names so they match exactly what’s on items table?
change the time to be in epoch?
is it possible to put all the sensors in one table instead of different tables and have another column indicating the sensor name?

lastly is there a way to track openhhab reboot time every time it reboot and log it to the db?
and is it possible to install JDBC from the command line without the UI?

my config file:

# E R R O R   H A N D L I N G
# optional when Service is deactivated (optional, default: 0 -> ignore)

# I T E M   O P E R A T I O N S
# optional tweaking SQL datatypes
# see:
# see:
# see:
# defaults:
#sqltype.CALL          =   VARCHAR(200)
#sqltype.COLOR         =   VARCHAR(70)
#sqltype.CONTACT       =   VARCHAR(6)
#sqltype.DATETIME      =   DATETIME
#sqltype.DIMMER        =   TINYINT
#sqltype.LOCATION      =   VARCHAR(30)
#sqltype.NUMBER        =   DOUBLE
#sqltype.STRING        =   VARCHAR(65500)
#sqltype.SWITCH        =   VARCHAR(6)

# For Itemtype "Number" default decimal digit count (optional, default: 3)

# T A B L E   O P E R A T I O N S
# Tablename Prefix String (optional, default: "item")
# for Migration from MYSQL-Bundle set to 'Item'.

# Tablename Prefix generation, using Item real names or "item" (optional, default: false -> "item")
# If true, 'tableNamePrefix' is ignored.

# Tablename Suffix length (optional, default: 4 -> 0001-9999)
# for Migration from MYSQL-Bundle set to 0.

# Rename existing Tables using tableUseRealItemNames and tableIdDigitCount (optional, default: false)
# USE WITH CARE! Deactivate after Renaming is done!

# D A T A B A S E  C O N N E C T I O N S
# Some embeded Databases can handle only one Connection (optional, default: configured per database in packet org.openhab.persistence.jdbc.db.* )
# see:
# jdbc.maximumPoolSize = 1
# jdbc.minimumIdle = 1

# T I M E K E E P I N G
# (optional, default: false)
  1. set tableIdDigitCount=0
  2. time format is set in DB, so I doubt it’s possible
  3. no, each Item has to have its own table.
  4. You could use an unbound Item for that.
    Setup the persistence for that Item to everyChange.
    Use a rule “system started” and check if the item has status NULL.
    If true, set the Item to another value (ON or OFF for a switch item).
    Ensure that the item never changes while openHAB is up and running.
  5. Sure. Either use REST API or Karaf Console or use addons.cfg (but be aware that when using addons.cfg, you must use addons.cfg for all addons, openHAB will uninstall all addons which are not listed in addons.cfg at boot up, if there is at least one addon listed in addons.cfg.