Is it possible to display a contact value in the PaperUI control section

I am using the PaperUI to configure my system. One of the devices is a Garage door sensor which is a contact item-type. I unable to get the current value of OPEN or CLOSED to display in the Control tab. I’ve tried setting the label to

"Garage door status [%s]"

But that text displays in the control tab with no substitution of the current value.

However putting the following in the sitemap:

    Frame label="Garage door" {
        Text item=GarageDoor_Contact label="Garage door status [%s]"
        Text item=GarageDoor_Temperature
        Text item=GarageDoor_Battery

Does cause OPEN or CLOSED to be displayed.

Is it possible to have the PaperUI display the current value?

PaperUI is for setup, BasicUI is for display and PaperUI won’t show certain items in the controls. Can you see the items in BasicUI?

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The control tab if the PaperUI is displaying binding generated things status and channels linked to items.
It is not meant to be a UI as such but only there for reference when you are using the paperUI for configuration.

To use and display items values and use a UI, you will need to use the sitemap and either ClassicUI or BasicUI.

Yes I do see the contact status in the sitemap.

Thanks for the quick reply.

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