Is it possible to guess if commands are sent from home or from afar?

I’m wondering if it’s possible to know in openhab if I control my smartobjects from inside my home or for example from work.
Any clue?


Like BasicUI from your couch and then from work?

Use proxy items for the objects.

Map a local and remote proxy of each resource you want.

Make a sitemap for local proxies and another sitemap for remote proxies.

Rinse and repeat

Get a good presence detection working and add if(Present.state == ON) to determine if you are home or away.

There are lots of approaches to good enough presence detection, but which is best for you depends on too many factors to list here. Search the forum to get some ideas.

I currently have a smart lock and some devices I can activate/deactivate, and no presence detection device. What I want to do is: If I lock the house while I’m still home, it only locks the home, but if I’m outside, it will also turn off the devices.

Then you need a way to detect if you are inside or outside the house. This is by definition presence detection.

okay then, thank you for confirming it! i’ll check out a way to do it