Is it possible to remove pointless log warnings

Hi Everyone another question

Is there a way to stop OH karaf from displaying useless warnings i have got a couple of these that i cant fix or are safe too ignore i do already ignore them but they fill my log files so would like to stop this if possible as it makes finding errors and warnings harder


Pointless Warning 1

20:26:37.188 [WARN ] [] - unable to change permissions for everybody: C:\openHAB\userdata\gcal
20:26:37.188 [WARN ] [] - unable to change permissions for owner: C:\openHAB\userdata\gcal

pointless warning 2 (This may not be pointless but i cant seem to fix this running on windows)

2018-06-03 20:41:12.798 [WARN ] [] - Execution failed (Exit value: -559038737. Caused by Cannot run program "arping" (in directory "."): CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified)
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I will save this post and give it a propper read could be usefull for other tasks

Read down of the post there is a good bit about putting several bits in the filter


log4j2.appender.event.filter.localcomputer.type = RegexFilter
log4j2.appender.event.filter.localcomputer.regex = .*(LocalComputer|Uptime|pingdevice|PiZero|PiTV|CurrentTime).*
log4j2.appender.event.filter.localcomputer.onMatch = DENY
log4j2.appender.event.filter.localcomputer.onMisMatch = ACCEPT

Also take a look at the logreader binding which is able to surpress individual messages:

Looks interesting thanks for that