Is it possible to run a file sharing server alongside OH?

Hi everyone, I was wondering if on a Raspberry Pi I could run a file sharing server alongside my Openhabian server on the SD card. I wan’t to know because I dont want to buy 2 Raspberry Pi’s. Thank you for helping out if you do.

Should be fine to do, keeping in mind that a Pi only has so much horsepower if the shares are used heavily you will notice (multiple users, heave file access).

Also assuming the files being shared are on a different medium than the SD card running the OS.

Should be fine provided it’s a Pi3

This!!! The SD card will fail at some point.

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@Danny_C as mentioned the SD card will fail but you can look at alternatives such as using an SSD hard drive. Note, SSD’s are not fail proof either but the risk is greatly reduced.

Here’s a link to what I use with the RPI for OH. You can do the same and use the SSD for all your file sharing, or partition, and use it for both.