Is it possible to stop a binding?

Hi, i have again a very special question and hope for an answer:
Im using the km200 V2 binding for controlling my Buderus System. But only in Winter now during the
summer season the Oven is switched off so i got tons of logs saying the communication is not
possibile. SO is it possible to stop a binding in karaf from working without changing my whole configuration like: Its summer switch binding OFF and if winter switch binding ON???

You can use PaperUI to set a Thing OFFLINE

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You can disable the thing in PaperUI very easy. Thats probably better than stopping the binding:

Press one of the buttons I have marked, and you´ll disable the thing.

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Wow, thanks a lot perfect answer thats the sulution for my problem

You can also do this automatically, or based on calendar using NGRE / Jython scripting.