Is it possible to sync device status from physical switch and sonoff mini

Hi, I am planning to use Sonoff mini with open hab but i would like to know is it possible to sync the status of the physical switch ?

for eg if i turn on my light with the physical switch, the on status should be physically synced with open hab that the light is on and i should also be able to turn on of off from open hab aswell.

Please let me know if its possible.

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Welcome to the openHAB forum :wave::wave::wave:

That depends on the way you setup the wiring of both. The hardware switch would have to be connected to the sonoff and only the sonoff actually do the switching of the device. There are lots of tutorials and videos in the WWW.

thanks for the fast reply.
Is it also possible with 2 way physical switch ? and it would be really helpful if you can share any tutorials, i searched but not able to find any relevant information.

" by physical switch i am referring to some this similar switch

Google is your friend: