Is Kalman filter transformation exists?

Is Kalman filter transformation exists for sensors?
Maybe anyone already do it?

Not to my knowledge. It certainly is not part of the official transformations and I’ve never heard anyone talk about one.

Given a Kalman filter needs to maintain state between calls to it I’m not entirely certain that the OH architecture would easily support it, though it might. I’m not familiar with how OH loads and executes transformations.

Out of curiosity, what are you wanting to apply a Kalman filter to? It might be achievable in a rule instead of a transformation. I’ve never implemented one myself but I know it wouldn’t be impossible to implement one in a rule. There might even be a library one could use or have an external program one can call using executeCommandLine.

For example:

  • Item that receives the raw input
  • updates to the raw input Item triggers a rule which implements or calls the kalman filter
  • the result is posted to a different filtered Item.