Is "Mi Desk Lamp" connectable under OpenHab?

I have this Mi Desk Lamp :

Is it compatible with OpenHab ?

With which binding, Xiaomi Mi IO binding, or Yeelight binding ? (it’s quite confusing to have both available as bindings, by the way).

In fact, the lamp is autodetected through PaperUI as a thing, then i fulfil everything, but the “device type” stays empty … (as far as i’ve understood, it should be auto-detected). The device shows itself as connected (i suppose, through the IP being reachable), but no configured channels are working.

I tried to manual add the lamp with several device type from Mi IO binding, but without any luck after a couple of hours of trys …

Any idea ?

  • is it compatible ?
  • with which binding ?
  • with which device type ?

(as far as i can tell, i have all the proper infromations - device ID in HEX, token ID, IP, …), and the lamp is working fine in Yeelight App or in Xiaomi Gateway app).

Also :

  • i’m running OpenHAB 2.4
  • i haven’t found anything about this lamp, neither in the bindings documentation nor in the forum.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, this model, at least with the same appearance, is here on my desk and controlled with oh miio binding.

From the screenshot/description it appears that the token may not be right.
I suggest to update to the latest version as that will pull the token automatically. (If you don’t want to upgrade, You can run it to pull the info and copy the token to your 2.4 installation)


Good catch.
I followed your advice (indeed, i don’t have time right now to do the whole OH upgrade 2.4 > 2.5) and started latest OH from another docker container - once binding configured with mi cloud username/password, the token has been discovered and is indeed different. I don’t know why i had another one - i followed what seemed the simplest procedure to detect it, which was “connecting during setup to the setup wifi AP and using the Packet Sender tooling”.

Once backported to OH 2.4 it is also working (and for reference, detected as “yeelink.light.lamp1”). Thanks.

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