Is mosquitto broken on OH 3.2 Raspberry

Hi all,
Has anyone been able to get Mosquitto to run on OH 3.2 Raspberry PI 4? I’ve downloaded the stable image, used Etcher, and install Mosquitto. I’ve accepted all the defaults. The result is Mosquitto offline. I’ve tried a clean install twice. Any ideas most welcome.



By default, Mosquitto will not let you connect without a password. You might look into your openhab.log to see what is going on when it tries to connect.

@rossko57, thank you the response. OH2.5 didn’t need a password. When Mosquitto is installed with OpenHab config using the console, it specifically indicates if the password is left blank it is not required,



Don’t care, really. What version of Mosquitto did you use to have, what version do you have now? Have you looked in your openhab.log yet?

No it is not broken, i already posted how to fix the problem:

@rossko57, Thank you for your response. Not broken, agreed. However, changed from previous versions of openHAB. I suggest that a note should be added to openhabian-config, Menu 20, Menu 23 to help new users.

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@Giga522, most helpful. MQTTlens now see the server. All good, thank you.

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Don’t think the problem affects new users - I believe this is hole to fall in only when following an upgrade path from a substantially older version.

IMHO I would have to disagree. I did not upgrade but rather did a clean install. Without this specific knowledge, a person can be searching for hours. A few words in the setup would help alleviate frustrations and enhance the user experience.