Is OpenHAB a suitable IOT platform for video surveillance in an airport?

I’be been used OpenHAB for a Smart-home project for several years now and it works well.
Recently, I have an opportunity to propose it to an airport for passenger flow measurement project based on ZED 3D depth camera and Nvidia Jetson boards.
My question is that would OpenHAB and OpenHAB cloud platform can be extended to hold over 300 cameras if we make configuration properly?
If OpenHAB is not suitable for this project are there any better IOT platform?
Dongho Song

Managing and processing video feeds is not a home automation project, it’s a closed circuit TV (CCTV) project. openHAB is a home automation project, not CCTV. Beyond being able to show the feeds on a website, openHAB will do nothing for you.

openHAB is not commercial nor industrial quality software. It’s for home automation. It lacks many of the features necessary to run at scale such as transactions, guaranteed order of processing, thread safe operations, fault tolerance, etc.

Luckily, the openHAB Cloud Server is currently handling the openHAB remote access for tens of thousands of openHAB users. It can probably easily handle something like this.

But from what you describe, you want CCTV software and/or will need to build something custom to build a system like this.

Thank you for your quick answer.
I’ve just wondered how many openHAB home can be handled by a openHAB cloud.
Based on your answer, openHAB cloud can be used for a smart-city scale home automation project, right? That’s good.
Since we are doing work on video analytics, we have most of the software packages for surveillance, people counting, people flows, etc that an airport needs.
So, I am thinking to utilize openHAB and openHAB cloud for just a device handling platform only because I am familiar with openHAB and I like it.
Regarding transactions and software reliability issues, we have to solve it by ourselves.
I will think about it and keep in touch.
Thank you for your comments,
Dongho Song

so if you understand that you need another system yes OH can help you allot
but it will not do havy lfiting in the video deprtment

it will not save the video
it will not give you an option to scrub throw the video

you can only view and maybe play around with PTZ but for all the above i will recoomend somthing like motion eye maybe?

Thank you for recommend me MotioneyeOS.
I will look at the system and will review the system.
Many thanks.
Dongho Song

If you will be solving these problems by yourselves, problems that often require a completely new architecture, you may as well build it from scratch. It would actually be easier in the long run.

Also keep in mind that the cloud server is just a reverse proxy. It’s not doing much processing. Finally, realized that it’s handling streams of data like item events, not video streaming.

We’re I to build a system like you describe, and I have done so in the past, I would not be using OH be as the basis. Maybe as a component to control the power to the cameras or the like at the most.

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