Is OpenHab Dying?

It is worth noting that those corruption issues have not been a problem since 2.2 I think. And automatic backups of the jsondb have been around for around this amount of time easing the burden of dealing with corruption issues.

I’m not saying that you made a bad decision, but since OH 2.1 a lot of attention has been paid to these sorts of issues.

YAML is the front runner for the replacement of the current text config formats.

I bet a lot of folks would love a posting describing more about what you are doing. Sounds pretty awesome!

It depends on what your original problems where but there have been whole books written about presence detection and tons of improvement on that front since then. See Generic Presence Detection for a generic approach to presence detection and management.

The MQTT 2.5 M1 binding supports the Home Assistant MQTT standard for automatic discovery so I think this part is done.

What would you want from this integration? Lots of users here use Tasmota but this is the first request/idea I’ve seen with integrating it with OH.

I doubt anyone would see this as offensive in the least. It’s your personal experience and it seems well reasoned and described. Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you for the prompt reply and pointer on the improvements , (this is another thing I missed once moving to HA, Those forums were not quite as helpful and friendly as the OH forum).

I will most definitely be sharing info on my deployment.
Great to hear about the ESPHome, apologies for not doing beter rersearch before posting, I literally made the decision to return to openHAB yesterday.

As for the TasmoAdmin. I am a rather long in the tooth Data Centre manager / IT infrastructure architect and as such have a great fondness for tools that allow one to centrally manage technology devices. With the amount of tasmota devices I have, TasmoAdmin made managing these quite easy.

It was convenient to have the TasmoAdmin console part of the HA mangement console… However I must state that I had completely forgotten that TasmoAdmin is a standalone solution, whos web interface was presented in the HA gui. I just realised that I can do the same whith OH.

To a point that someone made much higher in ths discussion, HA does tend to impress with the number of components and easily deployable addons. TasmoAdmin and ESPhome are offered as addons that a non-it person can install and configure very easily. The same with NGINX, LetsEncrypt, Spotify plugin (used for my multiroom audio), Samba and SSH terminal. (These last 2 I needed because I am am a real novice when it comes to Linux.) Whilst these community addons are not part of the core system, they made the complete setup of the Raspberry Pi easy.

SIDE NOTE: The term Addon does not mean the same thing between the two systems. OH Bingings are similar to the Components in HA. Whereas the Addons in Hasio are seperate applications hosted in docker containers that make up the Hassio ecosystem.

REQUEST: and slightly off topic, I would realy appriciate it if anyone on the forum can direct me to similar 1 click deployments for NGINX, and LetsEncrypt for Raspbian.

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Aren’t you aware of openHABian ? It’s all in there. You can use the image or install on top of Raspbian (well or any Debian compatible).

Please distinguish the application layer (= openHAB) with its bindings (e.g. Spotify) from the underlying OS layer and helper tools (e.g. NGINX). That bundle is openHABian then. It complements and includes the application.
Same for HA, there’s HA and there’s Hassbian (and

I’d be interested to hear from those who have experience with Hass and OpenHab as to how often they start down a path with a component or an addon to find out that it really doesn’t work well enough to depend on. From a self reflecting standpoint I tend to go far down the rabbit hole and then if I cannot succeed I am unlikely to try again. I’ve only encountered this once when trying to use the OH embedded MQTT broker but after having ran into that barrier and not seeing a sign that clearly said wait until X.X.X I switched to Mosquitto and will be reluctant to switch back. As a hobbyist I had that option, but after hours of struggling emotionally I cannot go back.

My choice to start with OH was based on avoiding the failed attempts. So far I think I’ve made the right choice.

OH is not dying in any way, my system is alive and kicking :slight_smile:
looking from a heavy user perspective

i have 3 OH setups talking to each other at all times
i can say at least this from experience stop using RPI!!!
i have been using only desktop PCs, and even on HDD or SSD i never had any boot fails
i think the OS SWAP mem is the key here for a long life system but maybe i am wrong, just talking from what is seen in my own setups

right now I am trying to combine HA > Node-red > OH

i am a heavy user of OH and NR, i think we can take a lot from both worlds…
i will keep my standing Home and can add items from HA

for example:
if HA GUI is better for user i will use it…
if HA can give me some function that is not yet on OH i will be able to add
but i will be also able to use the OH free cloud …

if anyone has done such a thing please let me know … i have a bit of learning curve on HA

and last thing thanks for this great community beside OH, i think we have great people here and only for that its worth sticking around !!!

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Have you seen habpanel? There is a whole thread showing off what people have created. If you want it to look a certain way you can, very flexible.

There are a few people running both connected by mqtt, however if you learn one system in depth you will probably end up with a better system, except if you need both to get hardware support that the other does not have.


yes but i am too lazy to create my own GUI…
and i was just giving an example thanks!

I tried searching for posts on the Home Assistant forum that may have been unhelpful or unfriendly to you. However, it does not contains an account named “ScottyDS”.

Did you use another account name? Alternately, can you provide examples of replies that you felt did not help you or, worse, were unfriendly to you?

The Home Assistant community forum is rapidly approaching a membership of 40000 registered members. Like the openHAB community, only a fraction of the members regularly participate in answering questions.

Over the course of six months of participation, and after having read thousands of posts and assisted dozens of users, I would estimate there are, perhaps, twenty highly-active members who provide detailed, helpful, and courteous replies.

Just like the openHAB community, there’s no guarantee a question will be answered. People who volunteer their time are free to choose which ones they answer. Obviously, clearly phrased questions, demonstrating some degree of preliminary research and effort, are the ones that get answered first.

I run three different kinds of home automation software. They work together by communicating via MQTT.

  1. Premise
    I’ve used Premise for over ten years and it continues to handle all automation logic and interfacing with devices. However, its UI is outdated.
  2. OpenHAB
    I used openHAB to provide Premise with a modern UI. I used it for 6 months and then changed to Home Assistant. I continue to use openHAB exclusively for remote-access via openHAB Cloud.
  3. Home Assistant
    I currently use it to provide Premise with a modern UI. I also use it for Homekit integration and a few other things.

For my purposes, it was easier to achieve my UI goals with Lovelace than BasicUI or HABPanel. I’m not stating its ‘better overall’ just that it was better for my requirements.

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Sounds interesting. What’s your experience with the rule engines? I’m not that impressed by the Eclipse Xtend based OH solution. (Maybe because I’m no fan of Eclipse and it’s platform either, …)

Xtend is not the only OH based solution. You can use the JSR223 Rules and code in Jython, JavaScript, or Groovy. There are a number of third party options that run outside of OH including NodeRed and HABApp. Soon there will be a usable way to code Rules using a more GUI based approach for the new users. It’s kind of there already but the PaperUI interface leaves much to be desired so I’m not sure I would recommend it for general use yet until a better UI get’s developed. The UI Rules and JSR223 rules are ultimately executed on the same rule engine.


This one looks interesting, I tried NodeRED once and do not really like this kind of “visual programming”. Will give HABApp a try, thanks Rich.

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OpenHAB is not dying. The Home Assistant group makes a lot of noise and prides themselves in having a release every 2 or 3 weeks but every release breaks things. The last release they released a patch the same day.
Home Assistant needs paid users of their cloud service to support them. If you value stability stick with OpenHAB. I just moved from Home Assistant to OpenHAB. .


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What exactly are you trying to say here?


Me? Agreeing with Bruce’ comment!

@J-N-K They are moving from Home Assistant and started off with a bad attitude. I did not resist the temptation to return in kind.


Am often using sarcasm :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
These places can take themselves too seriously sometimes!

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