Is openhab for me

Hello everyone,
I’ve been using zwave home automation on a vera lite for about 8yrs now. I also run some cameras through a freenas/zoneminder dedicated rack server. I’m looking to get into touch screen/dashboards. My question is, is there a way to sync multiple dashboards so I do not have conflicting I/O? I could potentially use the freenas machine to run a openhab plugin. However I’ll be honest, as stable as the machine has been (800 days uptime) I’m by no means a freenas or freebsd expert. I’m doing a huge house remodel and was looking to put in-wall touchscreens for zwave dashboards (pi3 + touchscreen?) throughout common areas. Thanks for any input. -Jarred

Well, there’s a openHAB binding for the Vera, so you can run OH as a “supervisor” to Vera and have copies of the Vera items there, or move your ZWave devices to OH. I’d recommend the latter because once you implement item and logic in OH, you don’t need Vera any longer, and they can not interfere with each other.
That’s unrelated to the question of where to run OH on. I’d recommend a separate machine such as a Raspberry Pi 3 with openHABian.

Well I bit the bullet a week ago. I have OH2 running on a raspy 3 with a 7" touch screen, aeon gen5 controller, I’m waiting on a couple of sensors so I can start testing in an enviroment. Until then I’ll keep my current zwave setup running. So far so good.

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Well it’s been a month so far and I’ve had pretty decent success. I’m running a pi3 with a gen5 zwave stick and the pi touchscreen.

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