Is openremote still around?

Does anyone know if openremote is still around and kicking? I had some down time this morning so I wanted to play around with it to test a few things out but I can’t get to the site at all. There are some results on google that indicate that it may be a dead project but I can’t confirm.

Interesting. I saw a commit was made to github just a few hours ago.

Prior to discovering openhab I created a few bindings and had openremote installed myself. They had very few committers, and I think the whole paid professional vs open source parts of the project really limited its progression and community building.

I gave up on it a couple years ago, and whenever I checked back it looked as though very few people were making commits.

If anyone is considering the pros vs cons of the two projects, just take a look at the commit activity. imho openhab is pretty clear choice.

Maybe the site is just down if someone is still commuting changes. I can’t reach it on my mobile either.

I agree, I have no intentions of dumping openhab. I want to use it as a UI for OH. I have seen complaints about a lack of supporters. That makes me nervous since apparently the cloud is needed to configure the UI. The hunt continues for a sexy cross platform UI…

Have you seen this

The Openremote website was done.
It’s back online.


I have been using openremote for sometime now and now switching to openhab due to frequent downtime on the designer and lack of response from support community. However i have few questions before i full devote to openhab and give up openremote.

Q1 ) Openremote allows https access to execute any created command by associating it to a button and calling the button id via a http command … this is particularly useful when i execute commands on Openremote from my vera scenes - is something similar available on openhab ? Can I run a channel via http command from another system ?

Q2) Scenes in openremote are very powerful as we can do nesting of scenes - are the scenes in openhab equally easy and powerful ?

Q3) openremote allows a in-memory command to store status of those switches which doesn allow status query (lightwaverf) - does openhab provide something similar ?


You will probably get quicker, well informed answers to your questions if you post them over in a section which is dedicated to openhab beginner questions, and/or bindings (ie. http}

The subject of this particular topic has probably filtered out a lot of readers already.

If it doesn’t need to be Web-based, work on Android and iOS I would recommend Commandfusion iViewer. It’s free for single page UI and works great for 6 months already in my installation.

ok got it … will do … thanks