Is persistence for newly discovered items possible?

I am liking the auto-discovery of openHAB2 but I am wondering if the data from these newly discovered items be persisted or must they be fully configured?

Yes, if you assign the discovered things to a group in the paper ui, all activated channels will be automatically part of the according GroupItem. Now simply configure the persistence to persist all members of this GroupItem and you are done!


I’m having trouble finding the option to create a group item with paper ui and to find the option to associate a thing with a group. Maybe those options have been removed since this post started?

The only option I found, that could do something like I wanted is the option to give new Items a category, but I’m not sure if “mycategory*” would include all the items of that category into the persistence. Is that what the category option is intended to be used for?

My goal is to set up a rrd4j persistence file once and then include data from zwave devices into it later by making them part of the “zwave” group or the “power” group.