Is the Aeotec ZW175 missing meter_reset?

I would like to reset the meter. Can anyone add a meter_reset channel, because I don’t know how to do it. :grimacing:

Do you have a link to a PDF copy of the manual? The database is community maintained but I may be able to look into it later.
The manual we have does not list that configuration parameter as available on that device.

Reset is not actually implemented as a configuration parameter - it’s implemented as a function of the CC. As such, if it’s supported by the device, then the database just needs the meter_reset channel adding. (I think that’s the right channel name).

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According to this thread it is indeed implemented as a function of the CC.

@chris Shouldn’t that have been picked up by the xml import then?

According to the Technical Specification it supports CC Meter v4. Aeotec says that any device support METER V1 or later command class does support METER RESET as this is intended to be used to reset accumulated kWh data.

Exactly - that’s what I said earlier…

Probably, but it’s possible the import doesn’t look for this feature. Either way, if it’s not there it needs adding.

Could you please do that when you get a minute? The device is here.

This should be added in the .xml file of ZW175

<channel id="meter_reset" typeId="meter_reset">

        <label>Clear Accumulated Energy</label>


          <property name="binding:*:OnOffType">COMMAND_CLASS_METER</property>



I do not know how to add that to the database form to get into the database.

Me neither :grimacing:

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It’s just a Channel added to the METER CC. You can see it in the DSB09. If you want, I can add it.

I think I see how to do this. Want me to try and you verify?

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The like meant yes :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Please check before I mark it for Review

We just need to add the meter_reset channel to the meter CC. It’s as simple as that.

Remove the config… and I’d name it the same as the DSB09 to keep things consistent (Reset Meter).

I pulled that from the OPs XML posted.

Done and review requested. Not sure if you can approve or not.