Is the Exec transform addon working for others in OH3 latest snapshot?

I don’t get no errors in debug, just doesn’t appear to actually execute anything?

I can say that in all the years that I’ve been using and supporting OH, this is the first mention I’ve seen on the forum of someone trying to use the Exec transform.

What is it you are trying to achieve? Have you done the typical steps to debug exec issues?
How to solve Exec binding problems

Given how robust the other transformations are, I would expect it to be a very rare and specific case where one would need to resort to an external program to convert the incoming data into a state that OH can use.

I got there in the end (should have updated the post as such, my bad)…

It was a permissions issue, though no mention of it at all in debug log, maybe that itself could be raised as a ‘missing-feature-bug’, would be nice to see some feedback in the logging.

Regarding rarity of Exec transform, in my case I wrote my own MQTT client processor executable with logic derived from an SQL db and SOAP transactions with a webservice I wrote for some garage equipment, cut a long story short, a total hack of some functionality that just works, thus the usage of Exec.

Indeed as always with OpenHab, there are many ways to skin the same cat, all depends on what the end user finds comfortable, and therein lays the beauty of the powerful OH3.

Using a transformation to cause something to happen or to update the state of an Item instead of simply transforming a received update or command is a misuse of a transformation service and I would not expect it to work or continue to work long term.

What you describe sounds a whole lot like it’s doing more than just a transformation in which case the Exec binding and/or a rule is the more appropriate tool. And either of those will output a warning if the external command failed. I can drive in a nail with a screwdriver, but that doesn’t mean it’s as good as a hammer.

A transformation is something that often runs all the time. Could be many times a minute or even more. Because of that the logging on transformations are usually suppressed. But you can configure the logger for transformation services and it might show an error then. Usually, with transformations, if there is a problem the output of the transformation is blank. That’s the only indication something is wrong unless you turn up the logging.

Yes you are quite right. However when trying to just throw something together for ‘now’, you kind of just make it up as you go along… I will be refactoring the configuration once I actually get time to sit down and start from scratch, and that right there is the biggest problem of all, finding the damn time to redo something held-together with chewing-gum and spit.

The main important stuff just works via node-red plus a fair few esp GPIOs and I tend to just leave all that alone, kind of went that way when I realised it is best to give up on zwave and zigbee and cut my losses with just the bits I bought and from hereonout stick to programmable wifi iot.

I play with openhab when I need a nice smartphone interface and google assistant to play ball. With that being said, I’m getting better with OH3, I understand the foundations, I just don’t like the extra leg-work, hence the non-standard shortcuts I tend to take.

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