Is the web ui broken in 1.8.2?

Just getting started setting my system up. I downloaded 1.8.2, got zwave installed, set up a device, and made a sitemap with just 1 dimmer in it.

I can control my dimmer with no problem from the iOS app. When I open the web UI at http://localhost:8080/ I see the following in the console:

http://localhost:8080//classicui/ Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (ProxyServlet: //classicui/
Logic.min.js:1 Invalid asynchronous response received.__callback @ Logic.min.js:1c @ Logic.min.js:1

Clicking the up or down arrows on the dimmer does nothing. Clicking and holding the down arrow decreases the brightness and the console shows a series of “received command DECREASE” but the UI does not update to reflect the new state of the dimmer. Clicking and holding the up arrow does not change the brightness but results in a series of “received command INCREASE” in the console.

My item:

Dimmer back_office_dimmer "Office Dimmer [%d %%]" <light> { zwave="3:command=SWITCH_MULTILEVEL,respond_to_basic=true,refresh_interval=60" }

My sitemap:

sitemap home label="Main Menu"
	Frame {
		Slider item=back_office_dimmer		

Am I doing something wrong or is the UI just broken?

1.8.3 should have a fix for the Classic UI. See #4278 for work in progress towards resolving UI issues in 1.8.2.