Is the Z-wave device database bound to specific openHAB release?

Hello, I have been using openHAB version 2.0 for several years but struggle with upgrading to the latest release for a variety of reasons. I’m dependent on two bindings:

First binding, I cannot get working beyond version 2.0 as it is no longer maintained (GE nx584 Security Panel). I really like the operation of this binding, and have found no viable alternatives.

Second binding, (Z-Wave) I would prefer to upgrade to the latest version in order to pick up the most recent Z-Wave device database.

Some questions, please: is the Z-wave device database (and binding) bound to a specific version of openHAB, such that to get the latest database, I am required to upgrade openHAB? Said another way, can the binding be updated with the latest database and independent of an openHAB version change? I realize this is probably ill-advised.

If I do upgrade, it would seem that I would need to bring the GE nx584 Security binding to compatibility with the latest openHAB/ESH framework. Is this a feasible proposition? I do have programming experience.

Thanks, and any advice is welcome.


It is typical to run a snapshot version of the zwave binding, but typically its done with what will be the next version of OH. Example being I run OH 2.4 but downloaded the zwave jar file and placed it in the add on folder (keeping in mind the binding has to be removed to avoid conflictions).

Running a 2.5 snapshot on OH 2.0, unsure this is something you would enjoy. With the 2.4 zwave binding there was a requirement to delete all of your things and re-add them; this could be a hassle if you want to try a newer version of zwave and then find out it isn’t what you want and have to change all of your things. Also unsure if there are any OH core components that have to be in place for OH 2.0 to work with a zwave snapshot or newer zwave binding than the 2.0 version.

It may be possible to find the GE Security panel binding jar file and add that to a OH 2.4 release as an alternative.

Yes - the database, and the source code are linked. Features in the database rely on features in the sourcecode. Also, OH doesn’t support the database to be external to the binding, so even if we wanted to do this, OH doesn’t allow this.

Now, you might get lucky, and you might be able to edit the 2.2 binding to add new XML files, and this might work if the device is simple. See the following link for how to edit the binding, but note that there is no guarantee that this will work without updating some Java code as well.

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