Is the Zigbee binding able to recive the commands of hue remotes?

after reading quiet a lot: the Hue binding does not recive the commands from the hue remote, it’s only able to control the bulbs.
But what I did not find: would using the zigbee binding work for the remotes? The binding page only lists the motion controllers and the Busch-Jaeger Remotes.

XY: What I try to achive: use the Hue dimmer or Hue tap to control two light groups in my kitchen that are not all zigbee bulbs :slight_smile:

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Does the binding recognise the dimmer or the tap and can they be added as thing?
If yes, then link items to the channels of the devices and write some rules

If not then I recommend that you look at

Sorry, I have neither a Zigbee stick nor the Remotes right now :). The question was more if it would work. Thanks for the linkt to the zigbee2mqtt link; this would at least solve the Hue Dimmer. But if it works for that software I guess it should work for the Zigbee Binding in openhab as well.

Thanks, Jonas

The remote control works with the binding, but only on / off, the dimmer buttons I bring not to run.

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