Is there a binding for a Whirlpool Microwave?


I bought a Whirlpool microwave (model# WMH78019HZ). I didn’t realize it had Wi-Fi capabilities that I can set the time, turn on/off the light and fan.
I was able to connect it to my Google Home, so when I say “Kitchen Lights On” it includes the microwave.

Is there any way I can connect it to OpenHab? My searching hasn’t found any way to do this.

Thank you.

Perhaps with Google Home integration?


Thank you for the super-fast reply. I forgot to mention that I do use Google Home to turn the light on/off.

Would I be able to go through Google Home to access the microwave? I’d like to schedule to light to go on/off.


What have you tried? I do not use that binding.
We are volunteers here to help you develop your own system.

I’m not sure what you mean. I haven’t tried anything because I didn’t realize I could access Google Home through OpenHab. For whatever reason, I thought it was a one-way street — that Google Home can see OpenHab but not the other way around.

Apparently, I have more reading/learning to do.

I am not sure, but it may be possible.

I’m looking now.
So far, I’ve found this Google Assistant .
That looks like Google reading what is on the openCloudConnector. I’m still not clear if it works in one-direction. But I’ve barely started reading it.

Much more research to do.

I really appreciate the help!

Perhaps define a Switch in openHAB to turn on the washer, for instance?

Some of that would depend on how the Google API translates your microwave’s capabilities, I suspect.