Is there a binding for SolarMax MT Solar Inverters?

i have a photovoltaic on my roof and i have a SolarMax 13 MT 3 solar inverter.

Is there anybody who has the same inverter? There are a few c-scripts on the net, which can read out the inverter, but i´m no programmer and i can´t read “C”, so it is to difficult to get this running…

If anybody is interested in this, i can share some links.

My solar inverter is connected with lan in my network. I have a software from the manufacturer, but with no export possibility to openhab.

Only way how i can read out the photovoltaic is with my sml power meter - this works. But it would be nice to get all the values directly from the solar inverter.

2 years ago I was in the same situation :wink: As I know there is no binding to read out directly the data out of a Solarmax-Inverter. But…

This was my solution:

Running on my Raspi together with openHAB. This is how it looks like:

There is a TCP-Server running (see page 45, but in german):

With that you are able to get the data into openHAB. I have already a script running and if you are interested I can send you more details.

I know there is still something in between, but I’m quite happy with this setup. Finally in openHAB it looks like that:


Currently i read out my solar power meter, there i get current power in watt and the counter in kwh.

So i can already get all what you are displaying on your screenshot.

I don´t want to buy a software, when it is possible to do this with a little programming. There are many examples and projects, which can do this. But only problem is, i´m no programmer…

So maybe someone can build such a binding?

I know the solarview software, but i don´t need all of this things which can be done with it. And i don´t want to have another server running. I want to have all inside openhab.