Is there a flag or way to indicate when Jersey is ready?

Get frequent 503 Jersey Not Ready exceptions when trying to set things up via Rest immediately after starting openhab. I was just wondering if there was a way to know when Jersey is 100% complete

Is it ever?

I continually get ‘Jersey is not ready yet’ logged from both HABpanel and the Paper UI. On a server that’s been up for days.

Can anyone explain why this Jersey is and why it’s ‘not ready’ a large percentage of the time (Enough to make the UI’s anywhere between Hit & Miss and just plain unusable).

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I’m also very curious on what’s causing this error. I’m also constantly getting the “Error 503: jersey not ready” message in PaperUi. I’ve got this message on most of the latest snapshots.
It’s pretty annoying, Cause I’ll have to refresh the pages/tabs until it suddenly loads the page content correctly. I think it’s strange that theres so few posts on this matter. Are we the only ones strugglin’ with this??

A lot of messages in the past suggested corrupted filesystems etc. So I reinstalled, new SD card, new R-Pi3 (Upgrade form R-Pi2).

Same problem. I could understand this happening at STARTUP if something hadn’t been initialised yet. But the continual errors make me think something is just broken internally to it.

I’m running latest snapshot on a RPI 3 as well, with fresh/new SD-card. I’ve also followed suggestions on cleaning tmp and cache folders after upgrading OH2 snapshots, but without any luck. I also feel there is something wrong with the builds, but I can’t be sure.

Same situation for me, using RPI2, wanted to upgrade to RPI3 to avoid that kind of errors but now I will stay with RPI2