Is there a proper documentation on dynamic state options?

(Christoph Weitkamp) #21

I do not think that is the reason. I have not set default options for the channel types in Kodi binding and it is working.

I can remember there is an open issue in Paper UI if you manually create Things which are related to a Bridge. The resulting UID is different than in textual configuration. Unfortunately I cannot find the source where I read it.

Did you try to put your item in a Sitemap for a different UI? Maybe Basic UI?

(Christoph Weitkamp) #22

@Confused I looked into your code too. The implementation for the dynamic states looks good. Same comment:

  1. The originalStateDescription paremeter of the getStateDescription could be null which should be handled in your code before accessing it’s methods.

Your binding is a new one? Do you think about providing it to the community and contribute it to the official openHAB 2 Add-ons repository? Would be very much appreciated.

(Garry Mitchell) #23

@cweitkamp I was already in the process of writing it up!

(Robert Kaczmarczyk) #24

I did all my thing and item setups through PaperUI. I also tried to set the item to enforce auto update (since the ones that are called have this option enabled too) but still no progress…

UPDATE: So I had time to work on it again and instead of trying to solve the mystery I added 2 more channels to the dynamic descriptor. I don´t know why and how but one of them actually worked. The code in my repository was updated. The channel that actually works is the swing mode.