Is there a way to adapt 2.5 file config so they instantly (well!) works in oh31?

I guess I’m thick. I have tried maybe three times the last year, to upgrade my 2.5 to 3.xx, and every time I give up. The last try, (last week) I decided to take a new route - ignoring all my current items, rules, etc etc, and start from scratch. Now I have spent so much time on this, that my patience is almost gone.

So, I’m about to give up on the last try - the “start from scratch” route, and instead go back to my first strategy - migrating by making use of the files setup I have in 2.5, that I tried maybe a year ago. I think I got closer to a working setup then, than I am now (might be that my memory is tricking me, though!).

So - here’s the question; is there a way to modify the files, so I don’t have to use the UI much? What needs to be manually done, and what not?

I.e. a minimal work upgrade path? That takes at least the existing things, items, rules files?
E.g. if I would simply copy them into a fresh installed oh31, into the respective conf directories - could I expect that that would work?
I know I can try, but now I have failed so much, that I think I better ask first…

I don’t have any 1.x stuff at all, so that is at least OK. :slight_smile:


That depends on if there are breaking changes between 2.5 and 3.1 binding configuration files - and that depends on the binding.
Same for the rules. The release notes of 3.X mention some rules ( files ) related stuff that is different in 3.1.

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Especially use of joda time was deprecated, now have to usa java time …

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Yes, I remember doing the joda time changes to my rules last year. So that is probably not much work to recover.

So am I understanding you correctly, in that it might work just to use 3.1 as was it 2.5?
I.e. I don’t have to import the files from within the UI, and I don’t have to have/create the semantic stuff?

If a binding has changed its configuration stuff, I can easily just update its conf that like old-school openhab, which seems to be what is more compatible with me.

You don’t have to use the semantic modell at all.

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That’s right, neither of these.
Just be aware that if you don’t use the import function, you can only ever make future changes in files rather than UI (although that was the same in 2.X). But you still can import any time later.


Thank you guys! I have most, things (as in “stuff”) working now, it all just worked (including mqtt, rules, grafana, apps et c. et c.). Only rollershutters is going the wrong direction for some reason.

Apart from that, the only thing that I am missing is weatherflow and changing smhi binding. Soo great!
Day started miserably, but ends in joy. :smile:

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