Is there a way to determine "offical" addons (UI)?

The rules state that a marketplace addon should not compete with official addons. How can you tell? There is no marker or “by openhab” for UI widgets. All other things make it clear but UI widgets all have normal people listed not Openhab. I see foundation member posts that call out rule but it makes it hard to know which users are Openhab and which aren’t. I get that a robust set of widgets vs 50K random is better but when it comes to UI that will be highly subjective.

Examples where something may “compete” but I personally think is OK allowed

  • User releasing Widget Sets (more than color mods)
  • User releasing widgets that are similar but function differently at their core
  • User releasing widgets that are optimized for platform (mobile, web, ios, android)

Just looking for guidance. There are threads on here with people sharing their UIs that have made beautiful widget sets that I feel if multiple people released them would call into question this rule without some clarification.

The rules state that a marketplace addon should not compete with official addons. How can you tell?

If you’re making another addon for some tech, and there’s already an existing addon for that tech, or if you forked the code from the official addon, made some changes and present it as a ‘better version’, then it’s not allowed - until you make your case! feel free to reach out to @staff if you deem so.

As of now no UI widgets are “official”, and nothing from the marketplace would be marked as “official”
at least for the time being. Allowing multiple widgets or more in a single marketplace “add-on” (e.g. within the same forum post) is currently being considered.

Understood. As far as non-ui it’s pretty clear. There have been posts for UI add-ons that say read the rules you can’t copy this work with me to add to it. So hence this post.

So to be clear if two UI widgets are similar they can be posted?

This assumes you created it from scratch and didn’t copy paste someone else’s and change a color/icon etc.

For now, yes, but do mention the original author as a courtesy.

Sure will do if it was inspired or what not will def give credit. Was mostly trying to prevent posting something and miss something else then get something removed is all.