Is there a way to disable rrd4j completely?

I’m using influx on external machine. But still RRD4J is constantly bothering disks on the host machine where openhab is running.
Can it be disabled or I need to remove it as a addon?

thanks for hint

Easiest will be to uninstall it.

Or you can create a configuration file for it in the persistence folder which doesn’t persist any Items.

But uninstalling is easiest.

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well yeah i had a empty config but it was using it anyway… so uninstalled and disks are quiet … :wink:

Can you share your ‘empty’ config?

sure … that default one

# configure specific rrd properties for given items in this file.
# please refer to the documentation available at
# default_numeric and default_other are internally defined defnames and are used as
# defaults when no other defname applies

#<dsName>.items=<comma separated list of items for this dsName>


Filenames would help.
There are two.
rrd4j.cfg configures the service; left empty you get default settings.
rrd4j.persist configures what to do - if it doesn’t exist, default is “persist everything you can”.

I’m guessing you had no “persist nothing” rrd4j.persist.

correct, will try to install it back and put empty persist file in there if that helps :wink: thanks

So I’ve tried empty rrd4j.persist file.

Strategies {
Items {

Which after OH machine restart resulted of all persisted data in influx ignored “restoreOnStartup” from influx.persist file …removing that file and restarting again, everything is back in normal.

Cleanest way then is just uninstall RRD4J and forget about it for good :wink: