Is there a way to install a desktop on openhabian?

I installed openhabian on Raspberry Pi4
Is there a way to install a desktop?
Because I want to buy a touch screen for Raspberry

Why? OpenHAB is not designed to display on that touch screen. Search the forums for other attempts.

The OS is just Raspi OS Lite to it MAY be possible but not needed in a dedicated device. It would consume the already limited CPU & RAM.

You don’t actually need a full desktop manager, if all you want to do is run Chromium browser (or any other single application) in a stand alone X session.

The most basic command line might be

xinit /usr/bin/chromium

If you look at the end of this post, you’ll see that DietPi achieves it quite easily.

Configuring Chromium autostart

I’ve used the same method to start QLCplus in a standalone X session.

@Bruce_Osborne is quite right, the base system may well not be powerful enough.

I’ve got the setup you’re looking for running on an ODroid C2 very well, with a touch enabled 10 inch HDMI (open chassis) screen.

I’ve also tested it with my Asus 27 inch touch screen and it works very well.

i want to control the openhab by habpanel with touch screen 10 ’
It works fine with my tablet but I also want a control panel in the bedroom
Because the tablet is in the living room

Then get another tablet instead of the Pi screen.
More elegant, more versatile, more standard, less impacting.


and better supported. :smiley:

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