Is there a way to play sound file in sitemap?

I try to put a webview to my sitemap to play an audio file but no success.

Webview url="/static/barking.mp3" height=2
Tells me not supported audio type or is played by an external player.

I want to play a notification sound at sitemap in case of a rule triggers

Thanks for the hint.

I know this, but this plays sound only on the pc where OH is running. Not on a different pc which shown only the sitemap.

webaudio will the thing who should do the job, but every post I can find is unanswered about this topic.

It looks like webaudio is working too, but only if paperUI is running or habpanel. Is there a way to do it with classic UI too?

Copied from the Documentation.

Convenient, if sounds should not be played on the server, but on the client: This sink sends the audio stream through HTTP to web clients, which then cause it to be played back by the browser. Obviously, the browser needs to be opened and have a compatible openHAB UI running. Currently, this feature is supported by Paper UI and HABPanel.

Have you read that last part? Webaudio played the text handed over via the karaf console on my tablet just now.HABPANEL was running!

Yes, I know this, but I hoped that someone has an idea to do the job with classicUI too. One my remote terminals I use only classicUI to manage my smarthome. It would be nice to play alert sounds on these devices too.

I will search for a different way to solve it. maybe something like remote play inside of windows.

Thanks for you hints.