Is there a way to use an RF Switch to issue a Google Assistant command

To be clear, nothing in this question relates to voice recognition. We have Google Home Minis, but that is not directly relevant.

What I would like to know is, if I get my cheap RF switches dispatching MQTT messages that can be received by OpenHAB, is there a way to then trigger a Google Assistant command (i.e. as happens e.g. typing a command into Google Assistant on an Android device or Pixelbook)

Alternatively, is there a more direct way to do this than via a full (Open)HA(B) implementation?

And does anyone know of RF <-> MQTT bridges that can be purchased. All I can find are multiple alternative firmware options that can be flashed to various devices, or Pi or Arduino based solutions. Which is all well and good, but I’d quite like to just buy one maybe…


I use:

With an ESP 8266 on the serial port of the arduino mega to pass in and out MQTT message. Works great! Total cost £10

So the answer is NO then, nobody knows of a purchasable RF <-> MQTT bridge. You know of a device that can (with a soldering iron, a USB-UART adaptor, a third-party replacement firmware, and a bunch of effort) can be made to do the job. Odd, I thought I mentioned I knew of such things in my inquiry.

Seems odd that such a thing doesn’t exist. Or why no-one is just re-flashing and selling on the hardware at 400% markup. Meh, maybe linking together disparate commodity hardware to turn lights on and off will always be in the realm of hardcore hobbyists with soldering irons and microprocessor reprogramming kit.

Is the SONOFF RF Bridge with Tasmota firmware not what you are looking for?

Justin, you can have mine for $50 + p&p

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