Is there a way to use the mouse scroll wheel in the blockly editor to scroll instead of zoom?

I very much like the blockly interface to write simple readable scripts, but the behaviour of the mouse wheel very much annoys me, mostly of course because I can’t get it into my head to use it properly :smiley:

But I was wondering if there is a configuration setting which I don’t know about or such to change the default behaviour of the mouse wheel in the blockly editor?

In almost every program I know/use the default behaviour of the mouse wheel is to scroll up/down (and sometimes left/right when using it with the shift key). But in the blockly editor it is used to zoom in/out. This results in my case in many unwanted zoom actions and then trying to zoom back to the original zoom again.

I hope there is a way to change this behaviour? I find it quite annoying, but perhaps I am the only one :rofl:


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