Is there a Zigbee equivalent to a 3-step-rotary switch?

Hi -

we’re using a (centralized) controlled ventilation system in our passive house, which has been wired up so that the airflow can be controlled using a 3-step-rotary switch (which in turn controls a voltage selector module which controls the airflow controller flaps).

It’s one of the few items I’ve not yet managed to control via OpenHab, but a) it would be nice to do it based on values from an air quality sensor and b) the rotary knob is not exactly a piece of eye candy.

I would like to keep changes to an absolute minimum and I also do not want to touch anything other than the rotary knob, especially not the voltage selector module and everything downstream from there as it had taken a very long time to find the optimum volume for comfort and noise.

The 3-step-switch is of type “Busch-Jäger 2710/1U”: Specs and wiring diagram

Is anybody aware of a (preferably) Zigbee alternative to this thing? Thanks!

For a wifi solution, any 3-gang smart switch flashed with tasmota or esphome and using their interlock mode.

Emulating the switch exactly, i.e. no zero position, can also be done with a bit of scripting / customisation in tasmota / esphome.

IIUC, you would like to get rid of the rotary knob. Why not using a Zigbee relay board in interlocking mode, e.g. Smart Zigbee Schalter 4 Kanal Modul Mit RF433 Zigbee Schalter 5 32V DIY Arbeit mit Alexa Smartthing ewelink APP Fernbedienung|Heimautomatisierungsmodule| - AliExpress?