Is there any github project related to openhab1 core source code?

i cannot confirm this. Are you sure you’ve changed onto the 1.8 branch?

yes, there was one header broken (in MyqBinding) which i’ve fixed now. My local build went through successfully …

@watou @teichsta
I was working on a fork of master and that was apparently the problem. It has build setup for bindings but not for core features.
1.8 has all needed pom structure (including proper setup for eclipse), so I’m good now, thank you.
Just out of curiosity - why is master maintained this way?
You can see an example if you compare branches below:

The master branch is currently messed up, see here.
@teichsta Will you clean it up soon or is there any reason why you want to wait?

see The code has been added by accident in January again.

I wanted to have a look at the source code for the openHAB 1 core, but I am not able to find it!?!

First I looked at github through the web browser (at openhab/openhab) without an luck. Then in an albeit desperate act of let’s try everything I cloned the git, as follows:

Still no luck (I would have been surprised if there was a difference, but “leave no stone unturned” as they say …)

I am only able to find the various addons; bindings, io, persistence, etc.

What am I missing?

A bit unfortunate phrasing! I know I am missing the openhab core source code; what I meant was if there is something I have completely misunderstood, :slight_smile:

The full 1.8 distro, including 1.x core, is under the 1.8 branch!

Ah! Branches… I completley forgot to consider this, :frowning:

Found it - thanks!

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