Is there any point to Paper UI at all without Tags?

It’s becoming very obvious that the whole purpose of Paper UI and auto configuration is utterly pointless without the ability to add tags and surely that’s the whole reason to use it? Tags are required to use Google Home, Alexa and Homekit and these are the interfaces of choice to many so why will the people who manage this part of the code base not add the functionality? It’s not just that there isn’t a field in the UI, attempting to add a tag using rest api and the console fails. This leaves the following options:

  1. Use Paper UI but manually add things and their component parts (might as well use Habmin)
  2. Use text files like Openhab1 (which begs the question what is the point of paper ui at all?)
  3. Create secondary objects using text files and have rules cause them to send actions to the discovered things (Yeah, exactly, how ridiculous)

Ok this may seem unnecesarrily aggressive but we’ve been waiting what seems an age for Google Home API and now we have it I have to make a choice of whether to manually create half my items. That seems like it will be the only way to actually use Google Home which is utterly ridiculous given all the work that went into the paper ui. If the functionality is imminent I’ll just stfu and wait but please tell me that somebody considered that this might be important?

There is only a minority of users who require tags at this point so I think saying that PaperUI is worthless without tags is going a bit too far. Google Home, Alexa, and Homekit are popular and growing in popularity, but it is a minority of OH users who utilize them at this point.

Because it is an open source project and they don’t want to. Someone has to step up and implement it or it doesn’t get done. I suspect that most of the maintainers don’t use PaperUI that much or if they do they don’t use tags so it hasn’t been a problem for them yet.

So go to to see if there is an issue already open for this and if not create one.

If you want to further encourage a maintainer to add it then you can use and put up some money to try and encourage someone to add it.

Or if you can code or are willing to learn you can step in and implement it yourself.

That’s how open source development works.


This is the kind of answer that has made it a battle to get corporate bosses to accept open source software for me over the last 25 years. I only need 3 wires in a cat5 cable but I connect them all up because it’s a STANDARD. Tags are a standard, they should be implemented by default. I know how opensource works. The people who produced the Youtube videos on PaperUI 2 years ago were selling discovery as the killer feature. Their killer feature doesn’t implement standards. Maybe they should use their own stripped down version of json or xml? Standards are important. Their essential to future operation and interoperability. To suggest otherwise is trite and churlish.

@pauldsmyth the short answer to your question would be: they are not supported, yet.

Openhab is growing and offers tags in basic UI. Yes you have to do some dirty work but you can use them.

When developer find time and there is none other pressing problem they will for sure implement tags in paper UI.
Or as @rlkoshak suggested try to raise awareness by setting a bounty.
As for now you complain that this free ( in terms of cost) gift you have taken willingly is not as tasty as it could be. Meaning does not offer all imaginable functionality we all could imagine.

Pay someone who sets up your items, pay someone who implements the tags or implement them by yourself, items or tag functionality.
I guess you will get help to do so in this Forum.

Or put a issue in GitHub for the support of tags in paper UI.

My humble opinion is asking politely is more inciting then going like a bull at a gate.

Some ways to get it going are started here not with paper UI but it’s possible to add tags to auto detected things and items. As I understood.